Starting a DJ business requires a lot of capital to buy all the equipment needed to play good quality music. It is therefore quite common to come across DJs that have cut corners by buying cheap or old equipment that is unreliable. Is this the reason why many DJs today especially the upcoming ones will charge as low as 100 pounds for an evening performance? What do budget DJs really focus on?

Love of the job

One of the most common arguments used by DJs who charge low rates for their services is that they love entertaining people. Well, it is true that love of a job can drive you to doing it without expecting any pay but there is a limit. If a DJ told me that they would come to my wedding and perform for free, I would be worried about their intention. They may offer the crowd some bit of excitement but they are still doing it for themselves. From experience it is evident that awful experiences with wedding DJs occur when the basis on which they were selected was their rates. Budget DJs will want to perform anything they feel will stroke their egos and most often specific requirements are ignored.

Delivering a captivating playlist

As the bride or groom, you already have an idea of the kind of music you want played at the wedding, reception and evening party. As you compile the list of songs you like, some may find their way onto the list sooner than others. How then does a DJ incorporate these songs in a compelling order? A budget DJ is probably inexperienced in live mixes and would find it more comfortable using a prerecorded mix. This then makes it impossible to request song additions during a function. If a guest dedicated a song to the newlyweds, how would the crowd know the beauty of the song if it cannot be blended into the mix?

Get up and dance

How do you gauge the prowess of a DJ in hyping the crowd? Budget DJs have no reputation to uphold so they will aim to getting the crowd dancing at the expense of the bride and groom. If you provide a playlist for your wedding, you expect those songs to be played even if they do not influence dancing. Most budget DJs assume that the only way to be viewed as competent is to get the crowd on their feet.

Memorable events do not happen by chance and only a professional DJ will create music that lingers beyond the day. Do not be afraid to pay a lot of money for a good memory.